How Resourceful Servants Makes a Difference

We often speak of the many dimensions of wellness in our lives – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical, for instance. Financial wellness is another vital component in our endeavor to live well. In the months and years ahead, the ELCA will focus on this concept as we embark on “Resourceful Servants,” an initiative to encourage habits that strengthen and sustain individual and congregational financial wellness and growth.


Candidates for ministry need to be equipped early on with the skills needed to manage personal and household finances. Ultimately, this financial acumen translates into the ability to assist a congregation in the management of its finances, teach stewardship and promote faithful giving, and engage in all these activities in a direct, positive and forthright manner. If you are exploring call or a partner in raising up and developing new leaders, click below to learn more about the resources available.

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Rostered Ministers

Financial wellness is a vital part of a healthy life. Ministers who are in a financially sound position experience greater satisfaction in their work and their relationships, and are more able to freely serve the church and its mission without being encumbered by financial anxiety. Click below to learn about the programs, services and resources available to you as a rostered minister.

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Congregational vitality is often linked with the financial health of a congregation. Although there is strong desire among ELCA congregations to be financially healthy, many commonly struggle with budgets, resource allocation and sustained growth. Click below to learn about ways to deepen your congregation’s financial management knowledge and skills.

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